The Pros And Cons Of An Aviation College vs Private Instruction

Posted on: 29 October 2021

If you're someone who doesn't like to take the path of least resistance and you're looking for a career with constant growth, as well as emotional and financial rewards, there are fewer jobs as fulfilling as a pilot. Getting your private pilot's license is an excellent way to build an exciting career and still be your own boss. But once you've decided to take off toward your goal, is it better to choose an aviation college or take private flying lessons? Here are the pros and cons of enrolling in a local flight school.


Multiple Perspectives

One of the greatest advantages of choosing an aviation college is that you'll benefit from the perspectives of multiple instructors. When taking private flying lessons, you're typically limited to the instruction of just one teacher. Though that can feel like you get more one-on-one attention, it also limits the knowledge you can gain through multiple instructors and multiple perspectives. In a job with so much responsibility, an aviation college may give you a wider breadth of knowledge, skill, and safety, while also having less room for error.

Structured Learning

Learning a new skill when there is such a sharp learning curve can feel overwhelming. With an aviation school, you benefit from a structured learning environment with lessons that have been carefully honed over years to slowly guide you through the process without overwhelming you. With private instruction, you may get a less structured approach.


Another major benefit of an aviation school is that you have access to a network of folks who already work in the industry. You can make friends and connections that will help you get your business up and running the minute you have your license and flying requirements completed.


Less One-On-One Time

If you prefer learning individually using a one-on-one approach with an instructor rather than learning in a group, an aviation college has the potential to make you feel like a small fish in a big pond. Learning to fly in an aviation college means you'll probably get less individual face time with one instructor.

Less Flexible Schedule

Another downside of choosing an aviation college over private instruction is that you'll have a less flexible learning schedule. You'll need to tailor your schedule to the available classes rather than choosing times that work best for you and your instructor. If you're working full-time or if perhaps you're also a parent, this can require some extra commitment juggling.