3 Tips For Choosing The Fast Track To A Career

Posted on: 26 June 2018

Many people are looking for a fast track to their next career field. Attending a technical college, which often takes two years or less to complete, is one option. Before deciding on a specific field, there are a few factors that should influence your decision.

Opt For Longevity

Before entering any educational program, you should seriously consider the longevity of the field. There are many fields of study that tend to be popular for a while, but eventually die down once there are more graduates than there are job openings. One way of determining which career fields have longevity is by focusing on professions that provide essential services. For example, there is unlikely to be a shortage of jobs in healthcare. The only problem you could potentially face is when industries attempt to consolidate jobs, making more qualified people highly prized. If you had the option of pursuing a program to become a medical assistant or a certified nursing assistant (CNA), you would likely choose the latter since CNAs can easily perform the job function of a medical assistant.

Focus On Skills

In addition to pursuing a program that leads to a degree, certificate, or other credentials, it is also important to incorporate classes that help you learn valuable skills you can use to start your own business, freelance, or be self-employed in some way. If your school offers any computer, graphic design, or web design courses, try to enroll in them in addition to your current program. These are fields that frequently stand the test of time and often do not require significant education to be successful. Many successful graphic designers and programmers have little or no formal education and may have learned on their own. You can enhance your job security by being proficient in multiple professions and taking outside work that may not relate to your main career.

Don't Overlook Manual Labor

Many people decide against pursuing fields that require significant manual labor because the job can be grueling. Entering programs to become an HVAC professional or work in contracting fields are a good option because these jobs have the benefit of always being necessary while having a contractor component. There may be times of year where work is a little slower and other times where there's always available work. The fluctuations can be appealing for some people because it can minimize feeling overworked and you may have times of year when you can spend more time with family or go on vacation. Additionally, many people who start off as technicians eventually open their own business.

Tech schools are ideal for people who want to pursue their next career without a lengthy education. Knowing which programs to pursue can help you land a career that is satisfying financially and provides job security.